• Lenght:100 meters
  • Position: 3 nautical miles from the Harbourof Capitana
  • Depth:  33 to 43 meters

Built 1899,belonging to Soc.An.Italiana di Navigazione e Commercio dei fratelli Marizzano,in Genova. Registered to the Compartimento Marittimo di Genova, nr. 1325.
Required from the Regia Marina the 4th of october 1941in Cagliari. The  2nd of august 1943, on the way to Arbatax,  6 miles  130° from Cagliari, at around 8.00 in the morning, went on a mine and sank in a few minutes, At the same time the ship was attacked by enemy airplanes.The wreck is divided in  two pieces about 800 meters distance from each other.