Wreck Romagna: depth 32 / 43 meters , tanker in upright position, beautiful the rudder and the propeller . The Bow is missing.The Ship went on a mine during the second world war. A lot of marine life  and fantastic visibility. Perfect for advanced divers and under water photographers.

Bow of the romagna: depth 36/ 43 meters now inhabitated by big conger eels and lobsters.

Wreck LT 221: depth 36/ 49 meters, mysterious wreck of an american tug boat, fascinating the engine room and the propeller.

Ponton of the  LT 221: depth 50 / 53 meters sank one and a half mile away from the LT 221,famous for the great amount of lobsters and other crustaceans.

Wreck  Entella: depth 15 / 20 meters, rich of all kind of marine life,  especially  octopus and moray eels. Suits the beginner diver and under water photographer.

Wreck Isonzo: depth 40 / 57 meter, fascinating wreck of more than 80 meters of lenght with the engine room to visit and to admire the big canons on the bow and on the stern area.Very big groupers .For expert divers

Propeller of the  Isonzo: Depht 40 / 45 meters, half a mile from the Isonzo, A Dive to the propeller and to the 2 torpedoes ,which were  sinking  the ship.

Wreck Loredan: depth 50 / 66 meters, without a doubt one of the most beautiful and fascinating wrecks of the whole mediterranean sea, completely covered with red and yellow gorgonian sea fans.

Wreck  Egle: depth 30 / 38 meters, Diving on a collapsed wreck from the second world war.Easy dive in moderate depths.

Wreck  Salpi: depth 50/60 meters, the stern in upright position with an impressive anti aircraft gun, the halls filled with grain and the large engine room. The bow inclined 45°in opposite position showing to the stern with a lot of possibilities of penetrating the wreck

Wreck  Valdivagna: depth 60/75 meters, characterized by sometimes strong currents and bad visibility',the wreck itself is amazing with the portside full of giant gorgonian fans .A lot of penetration possibilities and a huge propeller.

Wreck  Bengasi: depth 88 / 96 meters, passenger ferry from the Tirrenia line, in upright position, famous the big hall filled with glasses und cups . Encrusted by oysters, giant sea fans on the stern, where you also find a big canon.,For expert trimix divers with the right certification.

Wreck San Marco: depth 95 / 107 meters, very difficult tecnical dive for the depth and the position of the wreck. Sometimes strong currents and bad visibility.The wreck almost untouched and by now only visited by few divers.


Other Dive sites

Secca dell’Arco : depth 15 / 20 meters, for beginner divers, the divesite has its name from a an arc made of granite boulders

Secca dei Grani, Secca Bassa 17, Graniti: depth 15 / 20 meters , for beginner divers, fantastic visibility with granite rocks and seagrass.and a lot of  Barracudas.

Secca del Romagna, Secca Della Luna, Secca dell’LT, Secca della Chiatta, Secca delle Aragoste: depth 38 / 52 meters , rocky formations of the ancient coastline of the gulf of Cagliari,   formerly just known to local fishermen . Sometimes difficult diving conditions,but an incredible amount of fish(Groupers,Sea bass,Barracudas,Seriolas,Mola Mola,Tunas and even Dolphins)

Secca di Torre Delle Stelle (Genne e Mari): depth 15 / 36 meters , rich and colourful marine life, huge granite boulders with a lot of swim-throughs.

Secca di Capo Boi: depth 80 / 90 meters, our dive spot for the expert trimix diver. Giant Lobsters in a lunar landscape

Secca di Santa Caterina, dei Berni e di Libeccio : depth 15 / 40 meters , the famous divesites in the protected marine park of Villasimius

Parete dell’Isola dei Cavoli: depth 15 / 40 meters , drop – off of the Island of Cavoli,completely covered with gorgonian sea fans